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- Air Clutches
- Water Cooled Brakes
- Power Take Off Clutches
- Replacement Clutch Parts
- Drum Type Air Clutches
- Disc Brakes
- Air Controlls
- Asbestos Brake Blocks
- Brake Rims & Bands

We are committed to providing not only parts and components but solutions and answers. We can help you identify what your needs are.

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Lamarre Equipment has a dedicated team ready to help you.  Our extensive experience will help us serve you better.  We are a leader in Oil Field Supply.


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- Well Servicing Tools

- Service Rig Drawworks
- Brake Linkage Parts
- Transmission Shifters
- Mud Valves
- Mud Pump Parts

We are proud distributors of WPT, Gummi, Kobelt, and O'Bannon products, as well as for various brands of asbestos and non-asbestos brake blocks. In addition, we provide our customers with OEM quality brake rims and bands, draw works parts, and other rig related components

Rexroth Pneumatics Becomes AVENTICS - Feb 2015

A new stand-alone company has been created out of the former pneumatics business unit at Bosch Rexroth. Due to a change in ownership, the medium-sized company is now operating under the name Aventics.