RTI Compressed Air solutions

You should be able to rely on your filter products to do their job and do it well. We stand behind our products and offer a warranty for up to 1 year after date of purchase in case of anything going wrong

Manufacturers Product Guide

SJ 300 Pumps & Parts

We carry everything you need to keep your pump working.  Contact us today for a quote on a full SJ Petro 300 pump.

Rig Parts

We have the parts you need for the following rigs

  • Brewster
  • Cardwell
  • Challenger
  • Continental Emsco
  • Cooper
  • Crane Carrier
  • Dreco
  • Franks Cabot

  • Oilwell
  • OIME
  • Pemco
  • Rigmaster
  • Skytop
  • Superior
  • Tri-Service Machine
  • Walker Neer


Power Take Off Clutches

We offer a variety of power take-off clutch assemblies.  We also carry replacement clutch parts for all makes and models.


We supply winches with a rated line pull from 9,000 Lbs to 100,000 Lbs. Lamarre Also provides some Hoist products. In the last twenty years, the WPT winch product line has been built to conform to international vehicle winch standards. These products create a potential for a broad range of applications for oil field drilling rigs, wreckers, fire trucks, towing/loading and unloading trailers, military trucks and other special vehicles.

Lebus Grooving

The "LeBus" name is known world wide as a leader in the art of spooling cable. The LeBus grooving pattern is beneficial anytime cable is wrapped on a drum in single or multiple layers. LeBus has products from the north to the south polar ice caps; from underground equipment to the aviation industry; from oil rigs and marine platforms to deep-sea diving equipment; from heavy earth moving equipment to sensitive lifting equipment in the space industry. Anytime cable is involved, LeBus can help

  • Hopper Hoist
  • Ideco
  • Kremco
  • Lee Engineering
  • Mid-Continent (Unit Rig)
  • Moller
  • Mountain Rig
  • National

Air & Drum Clutches

We offer a variety of power take-off clutch assemblies.  We also carry replacement clutch parts for all makes and models.

Pneumatic Controls & accessories

​We carry a variety of different makes and models of air controls and valves.  Some of the brands we carry include. Rexroth, Versa, Parker, and many more.  Call us today to find out more.

Water Cooled Brakes & Parts

WPT Water-cooled brakes available are air-actuated, spring set or a dual actuated for heavy-duty braking and holding applications.  We carry parts to service most major water brake brands.  Learn about the airtube advantage and conversion options.


Demco Style Gate Valves

We stock 2" 5000 psi Demco style mud valves.  These high performance valves are industry tried and tested.

Brake systems & Parts

We carry water cooled brake systems, disc brake systems and a variety of brake blocks to suit your needs.  We also carry OEM brake bands and Rims.


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O'Bannon Well Servicing Tools

All (100%) rod hooks and elevators are pull tested to 1 ½ times their rating (25 Tons) to meet API 8C specification. O’Bannon sucker rod sockets are carefully engineered and accurately machined from high quality steels. Slips, bowls, and slip units are expertly heat-treated to develop the required characteristics of hardness and toughness that today ’s industry requires.

Rotary Tables

We carry three different models of rotary tables to suit your needs.  Call us for pricing and availability.