Kobelt Disc Brakes

Kobelt manufactures a wide variety of disc brake models for an even wider variety of applications. While our emergency brakes are most commonly spring applied, Kobelt brakes for tensioning applications tend to be pneumatically or hydraulically applied. As with all Kobelt products, our brakes are designed and built with serviceability and reliability at the forefront


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Brake products


WPT Water Cooled Brakes

WPT Water-cooled brakes available are air-actuated, spring set or a dual actuated for heavy-duty braking and holding applications. Our Dual Actuated WCB combines air applied control and spring applied, fail-safe features such as emergency stop or parking features when necessary.


OEM Brake Linkage Parts

Lamarre Equipment can supply OEM quality brake linkage parts for the most popular rig manufacturers in today's market.  Give us a call, we would be more than happy to help you get back up and running. 

X-Brake Brake Blocks

Heavy duty line of woven blocks designed for oilfield and and heavy industrial applications. These blocks are made of DYNAFIBER which is a solid, multi-ply woven asbestos impregnated material containing brass wire throughout to enhance strength.


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OEM Quality Brake Bands & Flanges

Brake flanges are finish-machined to meet or exceed all OEM specifications, and have a 3/8" hard faced overlay of between 48 50 Rockwell C Hardness for a superior wear surface.  Inspected to ensure the highest quality, and set the standard for product excellence.

Available in sizes 24" to 66", we can supply Brake Bands and Flanges for any rig you may have in your fleet or may be planning to build.



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Indutex Brake Blocks

Indutex woven asbestos brake blocks provide excellent stopping power.  Not sure what size of blocks you need?  Give us a call or drop us an email.